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Each day, Clio connects thousands of people to nearby culture and history. You can use Clio to create, customize, and share walking tours that guide you to historic sites in any city. You can also browse the website and mobile app to explore areas of interest or search by topic. And now Clio can automatically tell you about nearby historic sites as you walk or drive. Using Clio is like a time machine and each entry includes links to more information from libraries, archives, universities, and historical societies.

Clio is free for everyone and we strive to review and improve the hundreds of entries that are submitted by users each month. As a non-profit, the Clio Foundation relies on your tax-deductible donations. We need your help this month to meet a matching challenge that will support two full-time AmeriCorps members and several part-time positions. These historians will work with organizations and individuals to create and improve entries and complete walking tours.

Clio makes it easy to explore the area around you and discover cultural and historical sites throughout the United States. You can take a walking tour, create your own itinerary, or simply go for a walk or drive and let Clio show you nearby sites. Each entry includes links to more information from trusted sources. For example, the image above shows a group of students who are exploring Seattle and learning about historic places and events as they explore the city with information from area historians and librarians. Entries can even include oral histories and video, 360-degree images inside historic buildings, and links to related books and articles. It's like traveling with a team of local historians!

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AmeriCorps members work throughout the year to create and improve the growing library of Clio entries and walking tours. Here are just a few examples of what these members do each day:

  • Helping universities, community organizations, local historical societies, and libraries create individual entries and complete walking tours. Clio's AmeriCorps members also work with tourism officials, members of the preservation community, and other AmeriCorps members to help these individuals and organizations;
  • Creating new entries for historical markers, historical buildings, monuments, and other landmarks and historic sites;
  • Assisting organizations and individuals in creating entries and walking/driving tours;
  • Offering support to help officials use Clio to promote heritage tourism and notify the public about historic sites and preservation efforts;
  • Responding to community and organizational requests about how they might use Clio to document local history;
  • Planning and implementing "History Harvest" events in specific communities where residents can share and digitally preserve artifacts, photographs, and record oral histories related to historic sites throughout their county

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    The Eagle Lake Preservation Alliance, Inc. supports the Clio Foundation and the wonderful App that is making history come alive in Eagle Lake, TX.
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    As a Freedom Rider, I am fascinated with the history of places. is a precious guide.
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    I am donating because I think CLIO fills a great need. Keep up the good work!
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    Clio means so much to those interested in history. DuBois High School history lives again....
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    As you walk, you walk through history. Please support the Clio project which will help you and other stumble on the fascinating past surrounding you.
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