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Win-Win: Help Fix Trails & Develop the Next Land Management Workforce

The Corps Network

$5.10 -- Represents the estimated cost of completing one foot of deferred maintenance trail work on public lands.
$13.20 -- Represents the 132 Corps of The Corps Network.
$33.00 -- Represents 1933 - the year the first Conservation Corps in the U.S. was launched.
$48.16 -- Represents the $418,608,162 in deferred trail maintenance projects at National Park sites.
$59 -- Represents the 59 National Parks.
$154 -- Represents the 154 National Forests.
$250 -- Represents the more than 25,000 young adults who serve in Conservation Corps every year.
$10,000 -- Our Goal: represents the cost of training and certifying a crew to perform maintenance & improvement on trails & public lands. Service Year Members can translate these skills into careers in resource management.

More than 25,000 diverse young adults and veterans serve in Conservation Corps every year. From removing invasive species and managing community gardens, to preserving historic structures and responding to disasters, these Service Year Members improve communities and public lands and gain valuable job and life skills in the process.

An important project area for many Conservation Corps is maintaining and improving public trails. In 2016 alone, Service Year Members built or improved almost 22,000 miles of trail!

This trail work is increasingly important. Due to budget cutbacks in recent years, the National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service have a combined $17 billion in backlogged projects, including nearly $800 million in deferred trail maintenance projects. With the help of Service Year Members, land management agencies can address these projects and keep our trails safe and accessible. In return, Service Members develop the technical skills to become the next, more diverse generation of public land stewards.

Give to The Corps Network's #FixOurTrails campaign and you can help The Corps Network support the mission of Service Year Members on public lands. These Service Year Members train to be tomorrow's conservation leaders while helping land management agencies complete trail projects in a cost-effective and timely manner.

* photo above: American Conservation Experience (ACE)

Where does your donation go?
Your donation supports The Corps Network (TCN), the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps. Founded in 1985, TCN serves America's 130+ Corps by advocating on their behalf, providing funding and project opportunities, and offering expertise in Corps operations and programming. Under TCN's leadership, Corps annually engage more than 25,000 diverse young adults and veterans in service year experiences in communities and on public lands.

The Facts

The Bad News

  • The National Park Service has a maintenance backlog totaling $11.9 billion. An estimated $481.6 million is needed to repair just the trails.
  • 18,120 miles of trail at National Park sites are in disrepair.
  • The U.S. Forest Service has a maintenance backlog totaling $5.1 billion. Trails alone need an estimated $314 million in maintenance.
  • Over 5.5 million American young adults are neither in school nor working, costing taxpayers $93 billion annually.

The Good News

  • A study conducted by the National Park Service showed the agency can save an average of 50% on project costs by partnering with Corps.
  • In 2016, Service Year Members in Corps built or improved 21,861 miles of trail
  • Americans spend $887 billion on outdoor recreation every year, supporting 7.6 million U.S. jobs. Keeping trails in working condition is critical to this economy.
  • Through their service on public lands, Service Year Members in Corps gain certifications and hands-on experience to prepare them for jobs in conservation.
  • Out-of-work people who volunteer are 27% more likely to find a job than those who do not serve. Volunteers without a high school diploma and volunteers in rural areas have an even higher likelihood – 51% and 55%, respectively. This is great news for Service Year Members in Corps participating in projects on rural public lands.
  • In 2016, Service Year Members enrolled in Corps on the Service Year Exchange completed the following X of miles of trail maintenance and improvement.
    • Conservation Legacy: 3,373 miles
    • SCA: 2,096 miles
    • CCC West Virginia: 1,801
    • CCC: 1,089 miles
    • Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa: 763 miles
    • AmeriCorps NCCC: 688 miles
    • American Conservation Experience: 566 miles
    • Virginia (State Parks): 442 miles
    • Utah: 270 miles
    • Texas Conservation Corps: 222 miles
    • Nevada Conservation Corps: 213 miles
    • Maine Conservation Corps: 188 miles
    • Conservation Trust for North Carolina: 17 miles
    • EarthCorps: 12 miles
    • Canyon Country Youth Corps: 8 miles
[Photos by Sarah Hamilton - Southwest Conservation Corps]

[LA Conservation Corps]


[Vermont Youth Conservation Corps]

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